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July 18 -19, 2020
Antelope Valley College
3041 West Avenue K Lancaster, CA 93536
Warren High School

Carmelita Jeter

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Pacific Coast Championship Games
Pacific Coast Championship Games will be....READ MORE
Updated: 05/08/2017


To play in AAU leagues and tournaments, each team must be registered as a club team and each player must have an AAU membership card. The AAU Memberships run from September 1st through August 31st. The membership includes an insurance policy for up to $10 million dollars in coverage. This is the best insurance available for youth athletics.

The policy is accepted for any organization, and fund raising tournament across the country. The AAU Membership/Insurance policy includes 3rd party and additional certificates which are usually needed for practice facilities!

Individual Memberships
Team/Club Administrators need an individual membership before registering a team. Each player will also need an individual membership.
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Group / Club Memberships
Please register your team or organization in order to play in AAU events.
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AAU Concussion Policy Established

It is the purpose of the Amateur Athletic Union of the United States, Inc. ('"AAU"), to promote amateur sports and we wish for our members/participants who participate to do so in a manner that provides reasonable safety for their well-being.

The events and activities that are authorized by AAU are run by Local Host(s), local organizing committee(s), and/or member clubs. Athletic activities involve risks and dangers of injury and accidents may occur sometimes without fault. Available medical assistance may vary from venue to venue. The AAU recognizes that the potential for harm from concussions is a serious matter. While some accidents and even concussions may occur, the basis for the AAU's Concussion Policy is based upon trying to limit the potential harm, which could result from continued participation after such an injury.

We have therefore established this Concussion Policy for and on behalf of the AAU, which is as follows: More Info

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